ETIPS is a company that deals with online sales of jewelry and fashion items, it is located in the north of Tuscany, and it is born from a close collaboration between people who have been working for over 10 years side by side and day by day to build their own project and common dream: going beyond the physical limits of a jewelry store and get in touch with their potential customers around the world.

Created for fun and challenge, we have succeeded in this last decade to reach unexpected targets unexpected. Thanks to the powerful medium of the Internet, without which we wouldn't certainly be here today proud to introduce our company to the world, thanks to the growing cooperation with the main and most popular brands of jewelery and watches, we have startedselling our products on our own websites and ebay stores, enjoying our success in Italy, Germany and UK. We always try to establish a friendly relationship with each customer, we help and advise her/him in choosing the product, we keep her/him constantly updated on the status of the order, once purchased, and we are at complete disposal on the post-sale.

This modus operandi has given us more than a gratification, for example by reading the comments made by customers, earning their loyalty to buy again from us and getting pleasant visits from around the world by customers who, being on holiday in our country have decided to know us personally. The high quality of the product, always certified by the manufacturer, accompanied by international guarantee, where provided, unbeatable prices and friendly staff and excellent preparation, make us feel ready to start this new challenge.


Our motto is: Need some advice? Simple, the answer is E_TIPS!

Tel:+39 0583 62806